Risen 2: Dark Waters Is An Action RPG With A Pirate Setting. Aye Aye!

PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Action RPG

Unlike the first game which was set in a medieval fantasy world, Risen 2 will offer players a chance to explore a dark pirate setting. As captain of a ship, you set out to rid the waters of sea monsters that have consumed the world, except for the haven of Caldera. These monsters have begun to greatly upset the supply flow going into the city, and someone must do something quick. Of course, players will encounter acquaintances throughout their adventures. Combat won't be with shields, but guns, bombs, and other pirate weaponry.

An RPG and pirate setting combined equals a must-play for me. I'm interested to see more of the RPG elements the game will have, and will post as soon as more of the game is revealed. If you need your pirate fix right now, check out my impressions of Pirates of Black cove which recently released.